Launch Success

What a whirlwind!!! Amazing to go home, and come back home again!!! ;)

I'm SO SO happy, proud and grateful for everyone who made the effort to join me for my book launches in Perth, Adelaide and Andamooka. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

As I said at my Adelaide and Andamooka launch, I didn't feel I could publish a book and not bring it home to share it with those closest to me, as if in some way it wasn't fair on you guys, plus, I truly wanted to share it with those closest to me. Without you all, in some way, shape or form, there likely wouldn't have been a book to publish.....

I said from the beginning, if I was going to publish a book, I was going to do it the best I could and make a statement. I wasn't going to do it half-assed, and I was incredibly lucky to have some amazing people back me which meant I could bring my vision to life. Without them, it would have taken me a lot more time, and probably wouldn't have had such a great outcome.

I also wanted my book launches to be memorable. I had some caring advice and opinions along the way, things like "you might sell less than 100 books", "you should release your book as soon as it's ready, don't wait", "people are surprised you're charging an entry fee for your events because you're not a well-known author yet".... these opinions came from a loving, caring place, and the thing with advice and opinions is you can take it or leave it "thank you for your advice, i'll take it into consideration," and my responses in my head became, "watch me", "I am waiting to release for a special reason," "The ticket will be worth it!"..... your choices are your choices, you have to live with them, it's been a lesson i've learned the hard way but I confidently choose my path now and.....

* I have already sold over 100 books!!

* I wanted people at my launches to have my book before it was released, as a special gesture, for them to be the first in the world, and also it was released on our wedding date as my book is dedicated to my husband!!

* Everyone had a great time and the people who took the time and effort were quality people!!

Everyone got a goody bag at my launches with a range of different offers, vouchers and treats. I hand designed, printed and cut the bookmarks to go with the books, it was important for me to add special touches to the bags, and what better way than hand-made items!

Perth's Goody Bag
Perth: Monday 15th Oct.

My bestie Sarah did all the food for my Perth launch, who also helped make all the paper decorations along with my girls (which everyone RAVED about). The girls helped me pack the goody bags in Perth.

My amazing team of support, husband, sister-in-law Bel, Sarah and girls who all helped set up (and pack up) the night. My beautiful friend Deb helped run my first event and I was incredibly nervous half hyperventilating before I went on stage for the first time. I didn't feel organised and prepared enough. I've presented before, but not for me personally, so I didn't have a lot to go on and did the best I could. I was joined by two amazing women on the stage who shared their stories and there was great feedback all around, which was encouraging.

We had LOTS of giveaways which took some time, but it was lots of fun too. After the book signing, all up, we were packed up and out of there before 9pm. A successful evening.

I arrived in Adelaide on the Tuesday night about 10.30 after my Perth launch on Monday, and was lucky enough to be asked to sit for a portrait painting by my dear friend Lauren on Wednesday morning. Her artwork will be featured in an exhibition in 2020 in a brand new gallery, including her artwork of me... SO excited to see what she comes up with, her artwork is amazing. @laurenblackmoreart - check her out on fb and insta !!

Adelaide: Thursday 18th Oct.

I made up more goody bags for Adelaide along with my Niece and Nephew and my sis Tam helped make up little choccy bags, down to wrapping and curling the ribbon for each bag

(haigs - hope you all enjoyed them). My right hand woman Bec helped me set up the room at the Kent Town Hotel on the Thursday morning which looked AMAZING and was a huge relief to have such a huge item ticked off our list early in the day.

The seats were set up, all 50 of them. I anticipated Adelaide would always be my biggest event, and I was right. I over-estimated but I didn't have enough chairs as a few people surprised me at the door which meant I had to get extra seats.

#qualityproblem Thanks to the special women Lauren and Chrissy who gave up their goody bags for the extras who came, big love to you! My two angels in Adelaide, best mate Bec and Sister Tam helped the night run seamlessly with their assistance at the door and throughout the night. Book signing was great, but not enough time with you all <3

Two special ladies shared the stage with me, Amy i'm so proud of you beautiful. Verity from Rise Academy, thank you for your insight and sharing a little of what you do.

The night was amazing, the location, set-up, everything went seamlessly and many commented on our organisation, which wouldn't have been possible without my sidekicks, it felt good to have such a successful and enjoyable event, just a shame I didn't have more time with you all. We helped pack up the chairs which was a first for the Kent Town Hotel and saved them 45 minutes they said, but we're from the bush, it's what we do, always doing our best to be helpful, so thanks to all you amazing people who stayed back for a chat and helped clean up!!! <3

We got home just before 10pm and had to pack my suitcases ready to jetset again to Andamooka at 6.30 am the following morning! It took AAAAGES to sleep after such a high from the night.

I flew in first class (first row) on a fokker 50 to Olympic Dam with Anita from Alliance who kindly supported me with flights to and from Olympic Dam for my Andamooka Launch. It was amazing to see the red dirt again after so many years, small things.... ;) I de-boarded, and suddenly wondered what was touching my hand.... oh, that's right.... flies!!!! Did.not.miss.them..... but was soo good to see Mum and Ricki again. Had a delicious brekky at the Tav cooked by Maeve, yum!!

Drove to town and I was like a tourist in my home town, amazed by the small things, and taking photos of what used to be my everyday life. I came last seeing Andamooka first (only those who know will get it)..... but got pics at the new mooka sign, then drove into town and saw an incredibly cool painted trailer. Then walked through my Dad's old house which broke my heart, it's not the same anymore :( but it was also really good and I'm glad I got the opportunity to revisit where I spent so many years.

Andamooka: Saturday 20th Oct.

Lots of catchups and a brekky with Dad and Kathy Saturday morn was yum. Mum and Ricki helped pack the bags in Mooka. Nothing like a little bit of stress before an event, but once it was all set up we were a go!! I didn't even use my pointers for my presentation, everything flowed well for the final time, laughs, and of course lots of tears.... apparently there wasn't a dry eye in the house at all 3 events. After signing it was time to celebrate, but I had to call Steve first, I was SO excited and happy it was all done, I did it!! Heap of us grouped and cleaned up #thankyou lots of chats, and conversations opened which had never been spoken of before, and so it begins.

Few drinks later in the night and more people wanted to buy my book which was AWESOME, I had to actually steal a couple back for those who had held books, and then they were all gone.... (with orders for more) and the reviews started coming in which are incredible....

Some reviews so far

"Maaaattttteee. Your book is beautiful. Nearly finished. Your writing is incredibly professional and at the same time blunt and Andamooka. Can't stay awake anymore but will finish tomorrow. Have pride little red head you have bloomed into a scribe!!!!"

"I read your book from cover to cover and my god girl you have such a way with words. I was riding your Rollercoaster all the way. Loved it!!! Can't promote it enough."

"I’ve had my head in your book for the past 3 nights - couldn’t help myself when I got home Thursday! Stayed up past 12 and haven’t got to bed til after 2am the past two nights - just couldn’t put it down!"

" I finished it in 2 days! Your book was amazing so well written and like I said in my video, not depressing although at some times confronting content. I had to stop myself constantly to remember this is my friend Kayleen! It was like a completely different person. You are truly truly inspiring at how you have created your life for you and your family."

All up, I feel so incredibly proud and achieved, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to travel and launch my book while my family stayed home, not so many are lucky! I'm also truly appreciative of everyone who came to support me, especially those who travelled in excess of 4 hours to join me for the day or night, then turn around and drive back again. It means more than I can express in words, Thank you <3 <3 <3 And to all my support team and family, love you guys!!

Another huge thank you to my sponsors, Alliance for flights, Avo (my Big Boss) for your assistance with the publishing of my book, Dad and Kathy for all your assistance, including emotional, Roxby Travel and Cruise for flights and sponsoring my Andamooka Launch, I appreciate it so much, it meant I had less to worry about while doing so much already. I appreciate it SO much and will never forget it.

For my special gifts, a special Mother / Daughter Angel from Aunty Bernie, card and flowers

from Wayne, Jo & Amy, my amazing crystals from Mum, Ricki and Trish, and my beautiful Pandora bracelet from Dad and Kathy with a gorgeous bunch of flowers, and cards signed from many of you. I'll treasure them always! I wanted to take my flowers home, but they have been well loved and used.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't stop in and say g'day to some of our loved ones <3

The line to get through security was the longest line I've seen in the history of travelling, but you know what they say, it's not what you know, it's who you know, and I had my business class ticket which allowed me to sneak past everyone and get a coffee and muffin before getting on the plane. hehe ;)

I made it back home Monday 22nd Oct for our 7th Wedding anniversary and my book's official release / publication date. I'm taking some time to reflect and get back into my self-care routine which I let lapse over the past few months in the efforts to get my book completed. I'm beginning to see the magnitude of what I've done and achieved, now I've got time to look from the other side, and I'm definitely proud and I have known for a long time this is just the beginning of bigger and better things to come, but i'm also going to sit back and enjoy this for a while before the next phases of this journey, there is no rush and I trust everything will unfold exactly when and how it's meant to.

Time for me and my family now <3

Every single message, comment, tag and share is read and truly appreciated and I'll always do my best to get back to everyone in a timely manner, but it's time for me and my family now, so I will get back to you all, I promise, it just may not be straight away.

If you'd like to help and support me further, please leave a review on my amazon page, the more reviews I get the better rated my book will be and ultimately the more lives my story will be able to impact.

Big love from me, I hope you all enjoy my book and some more photos.