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Amy R.

I'd never read something more true, honest and relatable. I've been looking back through it to work out how I use your experience to help conquer my own. I already knew you were my hero you've just made it so much more real for me. As I've said many times before and will continue to tell you, you are such a big inspiration to me!

Trish C.

100% would recommend buying!

This book is so inspirational and empowering! So many people go through what Kayleen went through and stay quiet about it and never speak up, this AMAZING WOMAN WROTE A FRIGGING BOOK about what she went through while she was growing up and finding her true self! I'm so thankful for you to stand up, take charge and have a voice. I would 100% recommend buying this book!!!

Tammie A.

This book is exactly as the title suggests: raw. It is a raw, unflinching and brutally honest confessional of the author’s journey from a traumatic childhood to the well-adjusted and thriving place she now writes from. There is a lot to take away from this book, the principal theme being that love really does conquer all. Throughout her life’s journey, Kayleen never loses her true spirit of loving kindness, despite her many losses and the cruelty and devastating abuse she endures from the most trusted people in her life. Kayleen learns to use her fighting spirit to reach unbelievable heights of personal growth and to help others by writing this book and speaking her truth. In the final chapters, love and forgiveness shine through Kayleen’s words.

Her journey is a true transformation and I applaud her bravery, resilience and insight.

Lucy T.

Fantastic amazing and a great book to read. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

Taryn W.

Thank you for sharing your story. I couldn't get a conviction on my abuser either... You're honestly such an inspiration.

Lea S.

Thank you for being so brave & Sharing!! I love the way it was written & meeting you really made it a quite emotional read! The world needs more women like you, you're incredibly inspiring.

Kat M.

Very organic and easy to read.

Red Raw is aptly named, and very easy to read. Although some parts are hard to read, due to the trauma of child hood neglect and abuse. A great inspiration for survivors to have a voice and see what it might feel like to do so. I highly recommend to any woman that has struggled with her inner voice and inner child. It also has a good combination of happy times and success.

Corinne W.

You need to know you are a

powerful woman. Your words throughout reading your book and your afterword has really resonated with me and made me realise that I haven't dealt with the death of my partner. I have locked it up and got on with life but never really freed myself from it. So thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. 

Tegan R.

For everything you went through you have turned into a absolute beautiful, caring and amazing woman and that is something to be so damn proud of. You have helped me face my trauma and on Friday I see a psychologist for the first time to confront these issues so thank you beautiful for being such a damn inspiration.

Amanda C.

Brutal, honest and inspiring.

A shining beacon of hope to anyone feeling lost, that anything is possible and it is never too late.

Marta W.

I finished reading your book!!

I must say you really have got a talent! And the kindness you offered when I met you, it is there in your book.

Michelle T.

Read your book cover to cover

and my god girl you have such a way with words. I was riding your Roller-coaster all the way. Loved it!!! Can't promote it enough.

Ashlee C.

I felt it was empowering and well written. It spoke truths and gave some guidance for others. You gave some of your own situations as examples and how you were able to overcome them. This should, I feel, resonate with a lot of people with any background big or small. You write from the heart many people will be and to relate to that. It certainly made me smile when you discussed your family life at the beginning as how you are as a parent. You certainly are breaking that destructive line/pattern that was part of your family history. It also made me want to forgive and forget/ move on with certain things in my life thus far and look towards how and what I want my future to look like!

Shilpa A.

Kayleen is one of the most courageous souls I've met and her book is a clear reflection of that.Her book contains a gripping story, where I fell in love with the protagonist instantly - and with the pain and trauma she endures, I constantly found myself secretly wishing that the book I was reading was a piece of fiction. It wasn’t. It was all real.Thankfully though, I found great relief in the fact that Kayleen has taken back her power, voiced her story fearlessly and is paving the path of courage for so many others, who would otherwise suffer in silence. Read this book and champion her cause in anyway that you can! Love your work, Kayleen

Verona T.

I just wanted to let you know that I have finished your book and I totally got you. I understood your feelings and your reactions, bad and good from your description of what happened to you. I was hooked right from the start, partly because I was nosy but mostly because it was the way you shared your story. You write very, very well, unlike myself right now!! I am glad you have gotten through all of that shit, man you are one tough cookie!! Thanks for being brave and sharing your deepest and darkest experiences and also being brave and sharing your happy experiences too. Awesome job.

Susi M.

I have loved reading your story......

congratulations to you on finding your true 'self' and peace after the horrors you endured as a child and young adult. Kayleen, you have taken me on your journey of truthfulness and pain to self - revelation.This is an empowering story to heal yourself and by writing this you are letting others know that sexual assault is NEVER ok and that there is a way forward for victims from darkness into the light.

Privacy Respected

Since reading your book I feel like it's ok for me to speak up and talk to someone professionally. That I'm not worthless and that there is other people out there who have been through worse than myself (meaning I'm not alone). And that it's not ok for this stuff to happen to women out there. I thought that talking about it would only make matters worse for myself.

Rhianna P.

All I can say is wow! Your book is so hard to put down. The school section was very confronting to read as most of it was around the time I moved to town and I remember a few things you wrote about. Man you are so strong and brave.

Alana M.

‘Red Raw’ is highly reminiscent of its title.  It reeks of courage, inner fortitude and bravery.  A story of truth…revealing the inspirational overcoming of multiple challenges and obstacles.  It is insightful, open and a guidepost for those stuck in the quick sand of life’s struggles.   Kayleen, as the central protagonist, pulled me into her world.  I felt understanding, connection and joy throughout the unfolding of her life story.  I believe by opening her heart through her words, Kayleen provides liberty and promise for those needing and desiring to do the same.

Cheryl D.

Kayleen’s raw authenticity and desire to use her voice to help others who have endured sexual assaults is astonishing. Hearing her speak is a really inspiring in so far as her talking about how she has overcome these horrific experiences.

Deb Mathews.jpg
Debra M.

Things happen to us as children that we feel guilty or responsible for but hearing your story reiterated to me that this is not the case. Your story is a story of overcoming the many aspects of living through and the after effects of abuse, not becoming a victim and using your voice and experiences to help and be a voice for others that have lived through similar experiences. Hearing how you turned negatives into positives was inspiring.

Lara L.

When someone shares their personal story from a place of honesty and clarity, it’s always inspiring! You totally did that, and owned ALL parts of your story. Your book is a must read for all women, and then to get to hear you speak about your story and read excerpts from the book is doubly powerful.

Sunset at the Beach
Em S.

I have gotten help and talk to them about my past and it's helping. Thank you.

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