Chasing Rabbits

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Random thoughts or prose from a scrambled brain.

It all has meaning, yet is confusing.

They're raw, unedited and to be continued, they may not make sense..... yet.

This too, is ok. 

Is it Him? Or Him? Who knows?

Not me! What if it's Him? It's probably not.  Those tell me it wouldn't make sense.  The times aren't right, they don't add up.  Maybe I'll never know.  It's always in the back of my mind.  Chasing rabbits down holes to find a dead end, no rabbit.  Why is it always this way?  Isn't there a path the rabbit takes? Forget the rabbits, you don't need them.  Just go about your day.  You're here, it's all that matters. One day someone whispers about the rabbits again.  Immediately those adventures and memories return.  I wonder if I can catch them this time around.  I'm older now, smarter, wiser.  I can try different methods.  What will I do with said rabbit?  Who knows, but I want to find out.  I know now which one to track down.  I know where to begin.  I see the footprints and off I go.  OOH, I found him, one more step and I'll be there.  Something catches my eye.  Another rabbit.  Now I'm confused again.  Which one do I track?  Do I go for both?  I only need one.  Which one is it?  I seek more time.  Plan my course.  Gather my intel, which direction?  The first seems unlikely now.  I'll keep him in mind.  Let's go for the one who appeared from nowhere.  He's always been there though.  I just didn't know.  Hiding in the leaves.  Another rustle tears my attention.  "YooHoo" he calls, mocking me.  "Don't forget about me." He burns in my brain.  The first ever rabbit who captured my interest.  Reared it's cheeky face.  1, then 2 rabbits, 3 all up.  Why must they taunt me this way?  I have to know which one it is.  Will I ever know?  I'm determined this time, one way or another.  I will find out. Maybe not today or tomorrow.  I will, it's too much not to know now.  to be continued........