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I Am: A Motivational Speaker

Embark on a journey where dreams unfold in unexpected ways. Embrace the uncertainty, believe fiercely in your dreams, and above all, believe in the extraordinary power within yourself.

Many years ago, I decided to be a motivational speaker, and I created a vision board with photos of the things I wanted to achieve. Ya know, to inspire me to action and to continually believe in my dreams.

I found a photo on the internet similar to the one below. (I cannot locate the original). A photo of a woman speaking out to an empty audience wearing a navy blue dress.

I printed it and placed it where I could see it often. I don't know why I chose that photo specifically, it just seemed the one I resonated with most.

A few years went by, life, kids, all the things, and then I was offered an opportunity to firstly coordinate a large corporate event interstate with hundreds of attendees and I was pumped. Big job to get done! Though I created the project spreadsheet, colour coded and everything.

I was BORN for this work!!

THEN I was asked to be emcee for the event! OMG. At first, I was flattered, then I politely declined, totally freaked out! Feeling unworthy and incapable of the task of presenting, fear riddled through me. They persisted, telling me they believed I was capable.

Ah fek. I've GOT to do it! Never one to shy away from a challenge.

Feel the fear and do it anyway I thought.

So I did. And MAN was it a feat and a half to bring it together, with the support of an amazing team.

We had no practice runs, except for timing checks, layouts of stage etc and everything was lit up like a normal event room. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Except when it was the real deal...

The room filled and it was time to begin.

After acknowledgement to country, it was my time to take to the stage.

I took a breath, walked up onto the stage, hoping I didn't fall up the stairs, took my place at the podium and FROZE!

I couldn't see a thing!

NOTHING, it was blank.

The spotlight was SO bright in my face, that the audience disappeared and I couldn't see anybody!

The room was black, except for the light, SO bright.

This was my first time on a stage this big and nobody told me about this detail....

I had a moment of shock and intense anxiety

Then in a split second I remembered the photo I had printed on my vision board.

A woman, speaking on stage, with nobody in the audience, in a navy blue dress.

And here I was. Exactly what I had on my vision board (except not, kinda). Photo to the right.

SHIT! This is IT! I thought to myself. I dreamed this into existence with my vision.

It took me about 3 seconds to feel all these things, realise where I was, pull up my big girl panties and open my mouth.

I couldn't see anybody, and absolutely no time to say "hey, I can't see anyone, can someone please fix the light?"

On with the show!!

Starting my opening line with "I am the favourite employee" got a good laugh. Phew.

The event was awesome, and I received great feedback on my professionalism and many attendees thought the whole ordeal was organised by an event management company.

Nope. Just lil 'ol me and our team (thanks to my awesome ADHD brain!) It was a great boost for my confidence.

Nerves were still present and my first big presentation had room for improvement, though it was a great success, what an achievement!!!

Years later, I find myself pinning other pictures on my vision (and feelings) board, this time, they're of ME, to remind me of my progress to my ultimate vision and mission.

To free my voice, and empower others do the same.

I took to the stage in 2018 when I published and launched my book "Red Raw" it was SO fun and the feedback was incredible. See what people said here.

When I speak, I make WAVES and change lives!! One of my nicknames is "Motivational Mama" and I am THRILLED to be taking the stage again in 2024.

More speaking visions and goals below.

In 2023 I found myself living another dream and vision I had. To see Gabby Bernstein Live!

Gabby is an absolute inspiration to me and I would not be who I am today without her incredibly powerful presence in this world, her talks, books and more.

I knew I would speak that day, I knew it!

It was 1.11 pm that I stood up and more than 2000 people got to hear my voice as I asked the last question of the audience that day.

Save the best until last they say. Divine timing. A moment of impact I will never forget.

Now, I'm about to do it all again, except it'll be more of my events from now on. I am excited to get back on the stage again. And I'm proud to put more photos on my vision and feelings board of me doing exactly what I dreamed I would do.

All these photos make me feel proud, empowered and excited. A small town girl with BIG DREAMS!

I am not just a motivational speaker. I am an author, advocate and inspiration. Look at some of the media I have appeared in here.

Before you go, I invite you to click the link below to join an empowering sisterhood group, encouraging you to feel the fear and do it anyway, click here. (Ladies only, sorry fellas!)

See you from the stage, (or maybe some other places i'll be around)... ;)


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