How I Made The Prime Minister Laugh Out Loud #truestory

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

I don't mean figuratively.... I personally made him LOL. For me, that's huge, because I'm not your typical funny girl! But I managed to make a whole room of women + the Prime Minister laugh from their toes. Albeit, accidentally, and somewhat awkwardly, but hey! It happened! Here's how...


I was invited by my dear friend and DV advocate to attend an afternoon tea with senator the hon. Michaelia Cash (I am not a politically minded person so I was like, "me, meeting a politician.... errrmm") but it was to celebrate International Women's Day and women in business. I was super keen to get around some amazing women and celebrate us, because we really do rock!!

We were greeted warmly by the team and I found my name-tag which read something along the lines of "(My Name) - Author of lived experience through child sexual abuse". My friend gave the bio to be printed and I didn't mind one bit. I clipped it to my top and made my way down to the small sea of fantastic women!

We did the rounds and I met some incredible women doing exceptional things. After a while, someone said we were receiving a surprise guest, and I overheard ladies joking with hopeful jesting of it being a particular type of male entertainment..... It was a room full of women, surely nobody expected anything less.

As I stood talking to two insanely talented and beautiful ladies, one whom wanted to buy my book handed me her money while I answered questions to the other about my past. I needed to sign the book but didn't want to be rude so I placed the moolah inside the cover of my book, placed it on my bag and said I would sign it soon for her (meanwhile more laughs were coming from the other corner about the "special guest" and how fun it would be on IWD).

After a few more minutes, Michaelia settled us all and gave a short speech about what it meant to her to have been able to host this day, how inspired she was, then confirmed we were about to meet the surprise guest (whispering just soft enough for us all to hear, that no, it wasn't in fact male entertainment) which of course got a few chuckles around the room. She looked behind her and welcomed in the Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Scomo) who we welcomed him with applause (as you do).

She sang our praises and then said she wanted to introduce someone incredibly inspirational and she turned straight to me which took my by surprise. By this stage, I had picked up one of my books because, well, if I was going to get a photo I might as well have a copy of my book in it. I nervously walked over and shook his hand (I think) then turned and posed for a photo - coz well.... is that what you're supposed to do? #awkwarrrd!!

Michaelia then announced that I wanted to present a copy of my book to him. Oh. I did? Sure. Here you go and I handed my book over. I went to walk away, I seriously had no idea what I was supposed to do, but he called me back, telling me he had heard my story.

Sorry WHAT?

And I asked in a similar fashion. "Sorry, you know MY story??" to which he replied YES, and Michaelia confirmed next to me she had filled him in. WOW.

He opened my book around the middle and asked some questions as he flicked the pages and took the time to discuss it with me. He was edging closer to the front, my stomach dropped and then just inside the front cover where I placed my special card as a bookmark and gift, except this one was different.....

"OH, and she wants to pay me too!" he said with a cheery laugh and the room ERUPTED!!! I shamelessly slid the $20 note out and curled it in my fist, while EVERYONE laughed, the noise was almost deafening, and it didn't stop for quite some time.

Though the PM laughed pretty heartily, he wasn't privvy to what the rest of us in the room were before he arrived........ I had women come up to me afterwards and tell me what happened was the absolute best. And it was a total accident! Which, is not unusual when it comes to me being funny. It's usually because I've done something stupid or made a fool of myself. This time, however, just happened to be totally innocent and made a truly memorable moment. I couldn't dream it up!

I later signed my book for him and was advised that he will read it, which is incredible to think the current leader of our country (I know I know...) has a copy of my book and will read it! He has two girls also, maybe it will be eye opening for him too. Who knows where this could lead, but it can only be a good thing!

So, that's how I made the Prime Minister laugh out loud. A real LOL moment, one I'm not likely to forget, you really had to be there for to get the full hysteria of it all!

Click Play on the snippet below my friend caught at the end of it all. Me with my ninja hands explaining that the reason there was money inside the book was because someone wanted to buy a copy! Haha.

P.S. check this photo out on Facebook the PM shared from the day!